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Advice for the adventure traveler

If you're an adventurer and want to enjoy nature to the fullest, we recommend that you visit some of the most special sites in our province, where you can relax and appreciate all the incredible landscapes of Ecuador.

The Devil's Nose:It's located between Alausí and Pistishi, about 5 hours from Riobamba by train. It is the most daring engineering work made by man in the Andes Mountains. The devil's nose is a very important touristic site. It is called the devil's nose because it is located on a big rock with a peculiar nose shape. The enormous difficulty of its path, dares danger every moment. It is also the gravesite of hundreds of slaves that were brought from Jamaica to dynamite the mountain.

The train departs to the devil' nose at 7:00 AM on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Ticket price: $11 USD.

Colta Lake Colta's Lake is located 21 kilometers to the southwest of Riobamba by the plains of Cicalpa. The length of the lake is 2.500 meters and the width 1100 meters. Here you can find a plant called totoras, which is used by the local people to make handicrafts. You can also fish for trout or go to the hot springs of Chuquipogyo; according to the legend this place was preferred by the Inca king Huayna-Cápac.

Ozogoche Lagoons They are the most important lakes in the area, because their waters feed the Pastaza River, which flows into the Amazon River. Along the shore you can find a lot of different little colored stones that are excellent souvenirs. Each year in September, hundreds of migratory birds gather over Verdecocha Lake, making terrible noises and paying tribute to death.

Chimborazo Mountain: This is the highest volcano of Ecuador with 6310 meters above sea level. It's located in the western mountain range, 32 kilometers southwest from Ambato and 28 kilometers northeast from Riobamba. You can reach the first shelter at 4,800m. (a.s.l.) by car, then you have to walk to the second shelter at 5,000m. (a.s.l).

To enter in this protected area you have to pay $10USD. If you want to stay, at either the first or second shelter the cost is $6 USD per night.

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